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Transnational Flows

Violence and conflict spread across borders through flows of people, weapons, resources and goods along pathways that are often centuries old. Borderland communities, which frequently share social, linguistic and cultural ties, often are enmeshed in these flows.  XCEPT sheds light on the web of interactions that connect conflicts across borders and regions, sustaining both conflict actors and the communities coping with long-term instability.

Below you can find and download publications by XCEPT partners exploring transnational flows and cross-border conflict.


5th June 2019

The aim of this study is to better understand the communal connections that exist between populations in northern Somalia and southern Yemen.


16th May 2019

An introduction to the work of The Asia Foundation, Rift Valley Institute, and the Carnegie Middle East Centre on the X-Border Local Research Network


8th March 2019

African illegal migrants are entering Yemen in greater numbers, despite the ongoing war there.


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