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Transnational Flows

Territorial borders often cut across social, linguistic, and cultural ties, meaning the communities situated there can be ideal conduits for the flow of people, goods and ideas that cross-border conflicts are reliant upon.

To understand how and why these flows exist, we must understand the interests that they represent and the relationships between involved actors. Research into the migration, diaspora networks, and other channels that unite borderland communities can shed light on the topic.

Below you can find and download publications by XCEPT partners that break down how transnational flows are created, and how they interact with cross-border conflicts.


30th April 2021

After six days stationary in the Suez Canal, the Ever Given was finally unstuck. While its name will soon become a piece of trivia about blocking one ...


21st April 2021

This report focuses on the borderland region between Sudan and Ethiopia, using gold-mining and trade to examine transnational flows of people and comm...


19th October 2020

A focus on recent research on local populations’ everyday experience of transnational connectedness in the Horn and the implications for the aid and d...


30th March 2021

An analysis Covid-19’s effects in the Southern Philippines and health protocols in the Sulu archipelago.


19th March 2021

Kuwait and Iraq have worked hard to rebuild bilateral ties. Resolving their maritime dispute as part of larger discussions could provide a model of di...


2nd March 2021

In the Horn of Africa there is a dynamic interplay between land and sea that has shaped political, economic and social relationships.


23rd July 2020

As part of RVI’s ongoing project on the cross-border connections between Yemen and Somalia, the Institute’s partners at Puntland State University in G...


11th November 2020

Pouring money into health infrastructure will have little effect if qualified doctors have few incentives to stay.


9th September 2020

This paper describes the ways that individuals and families living in refugee camps in Bangladesh cope with hardship and displacement.


11th August 2020

The government’s experiment with live cattle exports upset the political economy in northern Shan State, where armed groups are heavily involved in th...


27th July 2020

A lack of opportunities in Mon State has turned some migrants to smugglers to cross back into Thailand illegally.


22nd July 2020

This report is the second report in a series looking at the relationship between modern-day Puntland, a semi-autonomous region of north-east Somalia, ...


20th February 2020

A Yemeni scholar shares glimpses of his journey through remote eastern Yemen, where the war-torn country’s wealthy neighbors are jostling for influenc...


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