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Transnational Flows

Violence and conflict spread across borders through flows of people, weapons, resources and goods along pathways that are often centuries old. Borderland communities, which frequently share social, linguistic and cultural ties, often are enmeshed in these flows.  XCEPT sheds light on the web of interactions that connect conflicts across borders and regions, sustaining both conflict actors and the communities coping with long-term instability.

Below you can find and download publications by XCEPT partners exploring transnational flows and cross-border conflict.


1st December 2022

On the Syria-Lebanon border, the reason why someone requires the help of people smugglers will determine the route – and the price.


30th November 2022

A system involving doctors, pharmacists, political parties, armed groups, and businesspeople fuels corruption and conflict in a medicine supply chain ...


23rd November 2022

Abdullahi Umar Eggi grew up in a nomadic family in Taraba State, Nigeria, and has undertaken extensive research to understand how and why pastoralism ...


9th November 2022

As part of a wider attempt to increase export revenues amidst weak economic performance, Ethiopian authorities doubled the price of khat for exports t...


1st November 2022

Focusing on the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this report examines the historical origins of the Red Sea region’s structural food insecurit...


26th October 2022

Saudi Arabia’s security is contingent on Yemen’s stability and economic prosperity. As such, Riyadh should help revive Yemen’s moribund economy, in bo...


5th October 2022

The military regime’s attempts to restrict imports and ration foreign currency have boosted illicit border trade at Myawaddy in Kayin State, putting i...


4th October 2022

Over decades of conflict and instability, the border town of Torkham, one of the main crossing points between Afghanistan and Pakistan, has found a wa...


21st September 2022

Tunisia’s planned free trade zone in Ben Guerdane has stalled while similar projects in Libya have advanced. If Tunisian authorities move quickly to r...


15th September 2022

The case of the Salafi groups underscores the complex evolution of cross-border exchange of religious ideas, with external powers able to grow influen...


25th August 2022

In August 2022 it will be five years since the start of one of the world’s most severe humanitarian crises, yet the political and security dynamics su...


10th August 2022

Any policy designed to counter the growing Captagon trade must take into account its impact on local border communities.


30th July 2022

The regime’s foreign exchange controls sparked a frenzy in gold smuggling to India, but since mid-May it has turned to familiar tactics – intimidation...


25th July 2022

This research reveals just how fundamentally the rules that govern cross-border trade have changed since the Taliban takeover, upending the political ...


30th June 2022

Nigeria is in the midst of a deep security crisis, with armed conflicts and violent crime now a problem in most parts of the country. In rural Nigeria...


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