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Harith Hasan

Lead Researcher, Carnegie Middle East Center

Harith Hasan is a nonresident senior fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center, where his research focuses on border, identity politics, religious actors, and state-society relations in Iraq. He holds a PhD in Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability from the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies. Harith has published articles, essays, and papers in both English and Arabic media. His latest publications include “The Transformations of Iraqi-Syrian Border: From a National to a Regional Frontier” (April 2020, Carnegie Middle East Center, co-authored); “State Atrophy and the Reconfiguration of Borderlands in Syria and Iraq: Post-2011 Dynamics in the Journal of Political Geography” (June 2020).  

Harith leads research by the X-Border Local Research Network on Iraq’s borders. 


Harith Hasan's Publications


30th March 2021

The Making of the Kurdish Frontier: Power, Conflict, and Gov...

The Iraqi-Syrian border continues to be geopolitically restless. Kurdish parties have taken advantage of central government weaknesses to increase t...


31st March 2020

The Transformation of the Iraqi-Syrian Border: From a Nation...

The Iraqi-Syrian border near Qaim and Bukamal has become a magnet for conflict, as Iraqi and Syrian state actors compete with Iranian-backed nonstate ...


26th September 2019

Boundary Disputes 

As its authority has weakened, the Iraqi central government’s control over its borders has also eroded.


27th June 2019

Where the Periphery Dominates 

The United Arab Emirates is reducing its forces in Yemen, but remains the most powerful actor in the south.


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