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Edward Thomas

Rift Valley Institute

Eddie is a Fellow of the Rift Valley Institute. He has worked in Sudan and South Sudan as a teacher, human rights worker and researcher for two decades. He is the author of ‘South Sudan: A Slow Liberation’, as well as several RVI reports including ‘Moving Towards Markets: Cash, commodification and conflict in South Sudan’ and ‘The Kafia Kingi Enclave: people, politics and history in the north-south boundary zone of western Sudan.  

Eddie is a Researcher for XCEPT at the Rift Valley Institute.

Edward Thomas’s XCEPT research


29th April 2020

South Sudan’s Food Imports in the Time of COVID

Coronavirus has caused import volumes into South Sudan to plummet by 50% – having profound effects on stressed food systems.


20th February 2020

Sudan’s Grain Divide: A Revolution of Bread and Sorghum

This paper explains the significance of bread and sorghum in the political changes Sudan seen in 2019.


17th June 2019

Moving Towards Markets: Cash, Commodification and Conflict i...

South Sudan’s subsistence system is being replaced by a market economy – this report looks at the consequences.


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