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Dalia Ghanem  

Carnegie Middle East Center

Dalia Ghanem is a resident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, where her work examines political and extremist violence, radicalization, Islamism, and jihadism with an emphasis on Algeria. She also focuses on the participation of women in jihadist groups and the military. 

Dalia is a Research Lead for XCEPT at the Carnegie Middle East Center. She leads research by the X-Border Local Research Network on Algeria’s borders. 

Dalia Ghanem  ’s XCEPT research


14th September 2020

The Smuggler Wore a Veil: Women in Algeria’s Illicit Border ...

Women are increasingly joining the male-dominated world of smuggling. Could this be the start of a cultural revolution that challenges long-held gende...


22nd June 2020

Algeria’s Borderlands: A Country Unto Themselves

To discuss the Algerian-Tunisian border relationship, the Carnegie Middle East Center hosted a virtual panel discussion on Monday, June 22nd. The eve...


27th May 2020

Algeria’s Borderlands: A Country Unto Themselves

Smuggling goods across the border between Algeria and Tunisia has created a parallel economy for marginalized border populations. Law enforcement and ...


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