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University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham’s Governance and Social Development Resource Centre (GSDRC) has an extensive record of providing its distinctive demand-responsive research helpdesk service to development policymakers and practitioners since 2001. The helpdesk delivers fast syntheses of research and evidence to support development agencies’ policy and operational needs.

The GSDRC also provides on-demand research support to the Department for International Development (DFID), European Union and the Australian Government, covering a range of issues. Our work for the EU is primarily related to emerging conflicts and humanitarian crises around the world, and we have now published 24 country- or regional-level reviews of research on conflict, stability, and fragility for the EU and other clients. Our work for the Australian Government’s aid programme addresses a wide range of governance and social development issues, often with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region but also supporting Australian development collaboration elsewhere in the world.

On the XCEPT programme, the GSDRC leads on the research and production of a number of foundational and baseline evidence syntheses, designed to support XCEPT’s work on building more effective responses to transnational conflict.

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