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Conflict Dynamics

Conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and Asia intersect through flows of people, weapons and resources, creating intricate cross-border conflict systems. These knit the formal and informal, licit and illicit in ways that empower armed actors, enmesh conflict with crime and violent extremism, and ensnare local communities in the network of activities that sustain conflict. XCEPT research on conflict dynamics sheds light on these conflict systems, the transnational networks that sustain them, and how affected communities cope with protracted crisis.

Below you can find and download XCEPT research that helps shed light on these complex conflict dynamics.


15th April 2020

Mindanao, despite its legacy as a strife-ridden region, is still known to us as the “Land of Promise.”


14th April 2020

Disasters and crises—floods, earthquakes, wars, and of course pandemics—shine an unforgiving light on society’s problems and tensions. As the Covid-19...


31st March 2020

The Iraqi-Syrian border near Qaim and Bukamal has become a magnet for conflict, as Iraqi and Syrian state actors compete with Iranian-backed nonstate ...


31st March 2020

Mahra in eastern Yemen has relied on a tribal code of conduct to escape the worst excesses of the country’s civil war. Localized forms of conflict man...


23rd March 2020

This paper focuses on the impact that gold mining has had on labour relations in Blue Nile state.


10th February 2020

The country’s suffering has been exacerbated by the rise of internal borders, from which militias have greatly benefited.


5th February 2020

A violent campaign of persecution has driven an exodus of Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority from the northern state of Rakhine into neighboring count...


22nd January 2020

In Games without Rules, author and former Asia Foundation colleague Tamim Ansary argues that bringing rural Afghanistan under centralized rule has bee...


6th January 2020

This paper explained the diverse local organisational networks behind Sudan’s revolution and the attempts by the emerging political elites to co-opt n...


7th December 2019

South Sudan’s borderland region with Sudan, in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal, is a hard place to make a living. Jobs are scarce, livelihoods insecure and mo...


18th November 2019

Joint bulletin from the X-Border Local research Network about recent research and activities from The Asia Foundation, Rift Valley Institute, and Carn...


Boundary Disputes 

Harith Hasan

26th September 2019

As its authority has weakened, the Iraqi central government’s control over its borders has also eroded.


Much More Than a Border 

Kheder Khaddour

2nd September 2019

Albukamal and Qaim lie on a Syrian-Iraqi boundary that has had regional implications for decades.


30th August 2019

A study of the importance of cross-border trade for livelihoods and the economy of border districts.


6th August 2019

Review of research carried out in Baargal on the eastern side of Cape Guardafui; Bareeda, on the north coast, and Xaabo.


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