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Conflict Dynamics

Events since the so-called Arab Spring and ongoing instability in the Horn of Africa, Sahel, and South Asia highlight how regional conflicts are changing.

The movement of weapons, people and resources across borders are the result of new formal and informal structures that sustain conflicts by empowering armed actors and subduing local communities.

Below you can find and download publications by XCEPT partners that examine how these structures interact, also known as ‘conflict dynamics’.


Beyond the Line in the Sand

Armenak Tokmajyan

3rd June 2020

Syria’s conflict has transformed the conditions of tribal clan notables who have sought refuge in Jordan.


A Fluid Frontier

Kheder Khaddour

3rd June 2020

Turkey is altering the nature of Syrian border areas, perhaps presaging more far-reaching steps.


15th April 2020

In an interview, Harith Hasan and Kheder Khaddour discuss their recent paper on the Iraqi-Syrian border.


15th April 2020

Mindanao, despite its legacy as a strife-ridden region, is still known to us as the “Land of Promise.”


14th April 2020

Disasters and crises—floods, earthquakes, wars, and of course pandemics—shine an unforgiving light on society’s problems and tensions. As the Covid-19...


3rd September 2020

Along the border between Tunisia and Libya, informal trade agreements led to a tight-knit border economy. But political changes in both Libya and Tuni...


The Iraqi-Syrian Border Post-ISIS: Local Actors, Geopolitica...

22nd January 2021
On Friday, January 22, the Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center held a virtual panel discussion to examine the local actors and geopolitical s...


10th February 2020

The country’s suffering has been exacerbated by the rise of internal borders, from which militias have greatly benefited.


29th June 2020

South Sudan is one of the hungriest places on earth – this report explains how reliance on regional grain markets is shaping its international relatio...


5th February 2020

A violent campaign of persecution has driven an exodus of Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority from the northern state of Rakhine into neighboring count...


17th June 2020

The safe return of migrant workers from Thailand amid the pandemic has required an unprecedented degree of cooperation between the government and arme...


16th June 2020

An examination of how experiences of conflict, displacement and mobility have changed what people in South Sudan grow and eat.


22nd January 2020

In Games without Rules, author and former Asia Foundation colleague Tamim Ansary argues that bringing rural Afghanistan under centralized rule has bee...


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