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Communities that sit in conflict-affected borderlands are often subject to a complex combination of cultural and geographical factors.

XCEPT’s research into these conflict areas explores local governance, other influential actors, and the alternative institutions and strategies that borderland communities rely upon to protect themselves against violence and abuse. 

It also examines how economic transitions, markets, and trade are affected by changes in the social and political context of a borderland community.

Below you can find and download publications by XCEPT partners that investigate the unique contexts of conflict-affected borderlands.


2nd June 2021

Idlib is heavily dependent on the delivery of aid, the disruption of which would almost surely create a humanitarian crisis.


27th May 2021

Tunisia’s informal trade networks reflect growing trends: the country’s progressive shift away from Europe, and the rise of Turkey and China as major ...


Sailors Without a Sea

Armenak Tokmajyan

26th April 2021

Jordan’s bahhara have suffered from a closed border with Syria, but efforts to resume informal trade ties continue.


21st April 2021

This report focuses on the borderland region between Sudan and Ethiopia, using gold-mining and trade to examine transnational flows of people and comm...


19th April 2021

As border crossings reopen, Jordanian authorities might have to tolerate a degree of informal petty trade with Syria to revive Ramtha’s economy and pr...


10th March 2021

RVI’s Magnus Taylor speaks with RVI researchers, Joseph Diing Majok and Nicki Kindersley, about their latest report, “Breaking Out of the Borderlands:...


19th October 2020

A focus on recent research on local populations’ everyday experience of transnational connectedness in the Horn and the implications for the aid and d...


A Senseless Silencing

Sherif Mohyeldeen

21st January 2021

By impeding research, Egypt curtails knowledge that can help resolve crises, especially in border areas.


19th October 2020

The session provides insights into the needs of refugees, their coping strategies, family ties abroad, and the adequacy and limitations of the current...


19th March 2021

Kuwait and Iraq have worked hard to rebuild bilateral ties. Resolving their maritime dispute as part of larger discussions could provide a model of di...


13th January 2021

Displaced Tastes is a collaborative research project run by the Rift Valley Institute and the Catholic University of South Sudan as part of the X-Bord...


22nd June 2020

To discuss the Algerian-Tunisian border relationship, the Carnegie Middle East Center hosted a virtual panel discussion on Monday, June 22nd. The eve...


A Fluid Frontier

Kheder Khaddour

2nd October 2020

Turkey is altering the nature of Syrian border areas, perhaps presaging more far-reaching steps.


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