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Sarah George

Vigil Monitor


Transnational Conflict Dynamics and Policy Responses

Sarah George is the Lead Analyst (Fusion & Assessments) at Vigil Monitor as well as a commissioned officer in the British Army. She has a range of experiences with the British Army, from a major armoured exercise in Oman to the military response to the Salisbury Novichok attacks, peacekeeping in Kosovo and extensive work with NATO. A qualified CBRN Defence Advisor, she has taken part in UN75 dialogues around nuclear power, moderated the Annual Baltic Conference on Defence 2020 as well as contributing to the UK Integrated Review as a nuclear SME. She is passionate about mainstreaming gendered analysis and countering Conflict Related Sexual Violence, she previously worked as a Gender Focal Point and is currently completing Gender Advisor training. She completed a Master’s in Conflict Resolution at King’s College London, with her thesis focusing on Russia’s neighbourhood policy to Georgia and Ukraine.


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