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Nafees Hamid

King’s College London


Violent and Peaceful Behaviour



Dr Nafees Hamid is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), at King’s College London. Dr Hamid’s research includes ethnographic interviews, survey studies, social network analysis, and psychology and neuroscience experiments with members of extremist organisations and conspiricist movements including jihadists, white nationalists, QAnon, and others. Dr. Hamid’s publications have appeared in several peer-reviewed journals and he has provided interviews, presentations and talks to various media outlets.

Nafees Hamid’s XCEPT research


11th August 2022

The Spectre of Neuroscience in Security Studies

How can neuroscience work in conjunction with the social and behavioural sciences to explain violent extremism?


21st July 2022

Mass Media and Persuasion: Evidence-Based Lessons for Strate...

The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS has invested heavily in strategic communications, particularly in uses of mass media. However, there is a weak evi...


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