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Freddie Carver

Rift Valley Institute

Freddie is a researcher and analyst working on the political economy of aid and displacement in the Horn of Africa, based in Ethiopia. He has worked in the aid sector since 2003, both on humanitarian and development programming and for a decade as a governance and conflict adviser for the British government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). He knows South Sudan and the Horn of Africa best, although he has also worked on programmes in West Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Since 2016 he has worked as a freelance researcher and consultant, focusing particularly on the nature of transnational networks emanating from the Horn. He is an RVI Fellow and an ODI Research Associate. 

Freddie is a Researcher at the Rift Valley Institute

Freddie Carver’s XCEPT research


19th October 2020

World Bank Fragility Forum: The ‘Transnational Everyday’ in ...

A focus on recent research on local populations’ everyday experience of transnational connectedness in the Horn and the implications for the aid and d...


19th October 2020

Understanding and Visualising the ‘Transnational Everyday’ i...

This is an interactive report on how individuals move and interact across borders and transnationally. The report summarises the outcomes of these di...


6th July 2020

COVID-19 in the Horn of Africa: How Can Aid Help Mobile Popu...

Aid providers in the Horn of Africa have always struggled to adapt their systems and models to the simple fact that people move from place to place. D...


19th March 2020

Rethinking Aid in Borderland Spaces: The Case of Akobo

Traditional modalities of the aid industry are not fit for purpose in a world where transnationalism is a daily reality for communities.


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