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Ahmed Nagi

Carnegie Middle East Center

Ahmed Nagi is a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, where his research centers on Yemen. Nagi is also research manager at the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management at Adyan Foundation, Lebanon, and a country coordinator on Yemen at Varieties of Democracy Institute (V-Dem), Sweden. He is also a co-founder of Insight Source Center for Research and Consulting, Yemen.

Ahmed holds a Master’s degree in public governance from the University of Granada, Spain. His research focuses on religious and tribal identities, citizenship, state building, civil society, conflict dynamics, and Yemen’s relations with its neighboring countries.

Ahmed is a Research Lead for XCEPT at the Carnegie Middle East Center.

Ahmed Nagi’s XCEPT research


15th September 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Split-Image Approach to Salafism

The case of the Salafi groups underscores the complex evolution of cross-border exchange of religious ideas, with external powers able to grow influen...


14th March 2022

The Barriers to Southern Yemeni Political Aspirations Are Ma...

This report explores how group rivalries are impeding southern unity, and how this might shape developments in a post-conflict Yemen.


27th January 2022

Abu Dhabi’s Dilemma

The attack of January 17 will force the United Arab Emirates to make one of two choices, neither of them desirable.


23rd December 2021

Beirut for Ma’rib?

Rising pressure against Lebanon from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states may well be tied to Hezbollah’s role in Yemen.


14th June 2021

Yemeni Border Markets: From Economic Incubator to Military F...

Border markets on Yemen’s northwestern border with Saudi Arabia gave rise to a distinct economic system and bridged communities. Yet the war in Yeme...


29th September 2020

The Shifting Sands of War

As the scope of the fighting in Ma’rib intensifies, the signs of an attritional conflict without end are strengthening.


8th July 2020

Five Years On: Geopolitical Implications of Regional Involve...

This discussion, held in Arabic, provides an overview of the geo-political implications of involvement in Yemen.


18th June 2020

The War Comes Home

The Yemen conflict has affected Saudi border areas and is changing the public’s thinking in the kingdom.


31st March 2020

Eastern Yemen’s Tribal Model for Containing Conflict

Mahra in eastern Yemen has relied on a tribal code of conduct to escape the worst excesses of the country’s civil war. Localized forms of conflict man...


20th February 2020

Mahra, Yemen: A Shadow Conflict Worth Watching

A Yemeni scholar shares glimpses of his journey through remote eastern Yemen, where the war-torn country’s wealthy neighbors are jostling for influenc...


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